My name is Mike Buss and my objective is to design and develop novel software to help improve lives.

I am a proven technical leader with a strong background in software development. I enjoy leading by example and prefer roles that involve writing code.

I have worked on applications ranging from embedded firmware in fiber optic transceivers to mobile, desktop, and web apps. Some of these solutions include mobile health applications, grip force sensors, and even a motorized replica of the original Star Trek doors.

I am the founder and lead software developer of Aeso LLC, a consulting company I started in 2016. Through this company I have had the opportunity to work with several enterprises and individuals to produce software for their unique needs.

If you are interested in working together, please reach out via email. You can download a copy of my resume here.


Below you will find some of my most recent work.

C3 Logix

The Cleveland Clinic Concussion App, also called C3 Logix, was developed to bring standardized concussion care to athletes. With over 300,000 athletes tested, the C3 Logix app is helping remove the guesswork from managing brain-related injuries.

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Healthcare and Augmented Reality

The Cleveland Clinic Foundation is always on the lookout for new technology to help with patient care. Recently, they started exploring the idea of using augmented reality (AR) devices to monitor patient health.

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The MyHealth application was developed at Cleveland Clinic to help patients with multiple sclerosis (MS). More than 15,000 MS patients have been assessed with the application since its launch in 2015.

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