My overall objective is to design and develop novel software to help improve lives.

I am a proven technical leader with a strong background in software development. I enjoy leading by example and prefer roles that involve writing code.

I have worked on applications ranging from embedded firmware in fiber optic transceivers to mobile, desktop, and web solutions. Some of these solutions include mobile health applications, grip force sensors, and even a replica of the original Star Trek doors. For more information, please see my portfolio at

I am the founder and lead software developer of Aeso LLC, a consulting company I started in 2016. Through this company I have had the opportunity to work with several companies and individuals to produce software for their unique needs.

My work has been featured on the front page of Apple, Fast Company, and Hack a Day. I've published and contributed to open source software.

I am currently based in Bainbridge Township, Ohio.

Programming Languages & Frameworks

Languages: Swift, Objective-C, Ruby, C, C++, Elixir, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Go

Frameworks & Libraries: Ruby on Rails, React, React Native, jQuery

Services & Tools: AWS [EC2, Lambda, S3, Glacier, Route53, CloudFront, CodePipeline, CodeCommit, CodeDeploy, IAM] GCP [Firebase, Firestore, Cloud Storage], Jenkins, Bitrise

Work History

Aeso Software, LLC

Founder, Lead Software Engineer


Founded software development firm. Work includes:

  • Developed BuildMonkey, an in-house Ruby on Rails application that helps teams manage build artifacts for iOS deploys.
  • Developed Field Facts: Baseball, an iOS application that helps users find information on local baseball fields.
  • Released an open source library for scanning barcodes on iOS.

Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Senior Software Architect, Lead Mobile Developer


Work includes:

  • Featured on as part of their "Your Verse" campaign for developing the Cleveland Clinic Concussion app. This app is now being used in all 50 states to help manage concussions.
  • Developed the Multiple Sclerosis Performance Test, a Cleveland Clinic initiative for collecting objective, quantitative data to aid clinicians in the treatment of MS. This app collects patient measures such as walking speed, processing speed, and manual dexterity.
  • Designed and developed the Cleveland Clinic Research App, an app used on iPhone and iPad to collect patient data for research studies. This app collects data on patient visual acuity, balance, reaction time, manual dexterity, walk time, and dozens of other measures.
  • Featured in the Cleveland Clinic State of the Union for designing and developing the Cleveland Clinic Access app. This app innovated the way patients find the correct health facility for their needs using Core Location and MapKit.
  • Coordinated with teams at Apple to exchange and begin working with pre-release iOS frameworks. Using the pre-release versions of CareKit and HealthKit, designed and developed an iPhone app for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
  • Managed a team of developers charged with designing and developing iOS software.

Qr8 Health

Software Engineer Consultant


Work includes:

  • Designed and developed features to support ongoing deployments of the Multiple Sclerosis Performance Test (MSPT).

NeuroLogix Technologies

Software Engineer Consultant


Work includes:

  • Designed and developed features for concussion management software. This application has 200,000 lives under management and has administered over 300,000 assessments.


A portfolio of my work can be found at:


Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH
B.S. Computer Science 2012


My work has been mentioned in several publications in the healthcare industry.

  1. Objective Assessment Of Postural Stability in Parkinson's Disease Using Mobile Technology
    Sarah Ozinga & Andre Machado & Mandy Miller Koop & Anson Rosenfeldt & Jay Alberts
  2. Use Of Mobile Device Accelerometry To Enhance Evaluation Of Postural Instability in Parkinson Disease
    Sarah Ozinga & Susan Linder & Jay Alberts
  3. A Technology-enabled Electronic Incident Report To Document and Facilitate Management Of Sport Concussion: A Cohort Study Of Youth and Young Adults
    Susan Linder & Jason Cruickshank & Nicole Zimmerman & Richard Figler & Jay Alberts


  • My wife and I have a golden retriever and two cats. All of them are orange.
  • I enjoy practicing photography in my free time.

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