The Problem

Helping Caregivers Make Better Informed Decisions About Concussions

Every year, an estimated 1.7 million Americans suffer a concussion. Unlike other injuries, the signs and symptoms of a concussion can be difficult to see.

As the first software engineer hired in the Biomedical Engineering department at the Cleveland Clinic, my task was to work with subject matter experts to create better tools for managing concussions.

The Approach

Sketching It Out

In the past, evaluating an injured athlete for a concussion included a lot of guesswork. Does the athlete look disoriented? Do they have a slowed reaction time? Can they concentrate on performing a task?

In order to provide the caregiver with objective, quantitative data on the athlete’s condition, we created a standardized measure using the iPad. This new method of evaluating concussions is called the Cleveland Clinic Concussion App, or C3 Logix.

The App

Postural Stability

As a way of providing objective data about an athlete's postural stability, the C3 Logix app uses the built-in accelerometer and gyroscope to capture motion data. This data is later analyzed to provide a better picture of the athlete's balance.

The App

Visual Acuity

To measure visual acuity, the app presents a specialized eye chart.

The App

Processing Speed

In order to assess an athlete's mental processing speed, they’re asked to match symbols with numbers as quickly as possible.

The App

Symptom Checklist

Not all symptoms are created equal. In order to identify if an athlete's symptoms are severe, a symptom checklist is administered and scored.

The App

Connect the Dots

To measure visual attention and the ability to switch tasks, C3 Logix administers a “connect the dots” task called the Trails Making Test.

The App

Reaction Time

Tap as fast as you can! Reaction time is measured in milliseconds using a series of tasks.

The Final Product

Getting Back in the Game

An athlete's progress is closely monitored through a series of steps called Return to Play.

Awards and Recognition

Featured on

C3 Logix was featured on the front page of as part of their “Your Verse” campaign.

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C3 Logix iPhone

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